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Pheromones for Men and Women


Pheromone Advantage products appeal to both adult men and women in virtually every age range. Whether your audience is single and dating, or have been married for years, Pheromone Advantage products can ignite their passion to new levels.


Hi, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Drew Amend, co-founder of Pheromone Advantage along with my father Dr. Virgil Amend. Together we created Pheromone Advantage in 2000 and it’s been nothing but good to us, and now it can be good for you as well!

Our affiliate program is fully supported with dedicated personnel to assist you and our customers.

Our goal is simple... to make you money! We are constantly split testing and optimizing conversions and up-sells to help you get the most from this affiliate program.  

With a strong history of nearly every affiliate earning well over a $1.00 per click, and sometime in multiples of that, you will not be disappointed.  

Your list will love you for turning them on to such a unique product that they can try risk free with our 6 month full money back (no questions asked) return policy.

However, I must say that our return rate is only about 1%. Not only does this say that our customers are satisfied with the results, but it also means that 99% earnings you make are the earnings you keep.  Other information products can not compete with this.  

Because our return rate is so low, we are able to payout every two weeks. Plus we can make exceptions for those affiliates who are driving traffic and paying for their media. ONLY THIS EXCEPTION PLEASE, and pre-approval is required.

You can promote through ClickBank or  Both pay the same, so the only difference is your preference.  

Lists in this niche have a lots of crossover members, so sign up now below before your list members hears about this offer from someone else. So sign up now below!

And one last thing, Pheromone Advantage are great for making love and money. Any affiliate earning over $100 gets a free bottle.

Let us know how we can help!


Why Join?

Why Join?

  • This is a very fresh product, something your audience(s) have never seen before.

  • We pay a whopping 40% (excellent for physical products) with EPCs well over a dollar for nearly everyone who promotes it - see screenshots below.

  • Active Affiliate Team that will help you every step of the way to you becoming a super affiliate marketing our Pheromone Advantage products.

Affiliate Program 2

Affiliate Program

  • Pheromone Advantage has been around since 2000 and is a respected provider of pheromone based products.

  • If you have a website, email list, seduction product(s) of your own or buy advertising to drive targeted traffic, you can make GOOD money selling our products.

  • It's easy and FREE to join!

What Do I Earn Per Sale?

What Do I Earn Per Sale?

We pay a whopping 40% (excellent for physical products)

Your Commissions:
1 Bottle = $19.98
2 Bottles = $39.96 « most popular order!
3 Bottles = $59.94

All you have to do is send us your traffic and we’ll do all the selling for you! It literally could not be easier for you 🙂

How Much Money Can I Make?

How Much Money Can I Make?

Based on minimum sale of 1 bottle:

Sales $ / Day $ / Year
1 Sale
2 Sales
3 Sales
4 Sales
5 Sales

*Cookie life is 60 days.

How and When Do I Get Paid?

How and When Do I Get Paid?

ClickBank has 4 options:
→ Wire transfer - bi-weekly ($30 fee)
→ Direct deposit - weekly/bi-weekly
→ Paper check - bi-weekly ($2.50 fee)

1ShoppingCart has 2 options:
→ PayPal - bi-weekly/monthly

* CB pay period ends Tues. at midnight
** CB payouts are on Wednesdays
*** 1SC pay periods end on the 15th/30th
**** 1SC payouts are on the 2nd/17th

How Do I Promote This Product To Make Money?

How Do I Promote This Product To Make Money?

This is for EVERYBODY in the seduction and dating niches! Pickup, dating, seduction, sex technique -- put it in front of all 'em  🙂  You'll be glad you did.

  • You can promote this to both men and women
  • You can promote this to both mainstream and adult
  • Email it to everyone on your lists
  • Set it up in your auto-responders
  • Place it in your site ad banner rotation
  • Media buys (it also converts very well on cold traffic)
  • Write a post about it on your blog
  • Write a product review about it on your site
  • Post it in your online members area
  • Place our products in your upsell/cross-sale funnels

In need of something new to mail your list? This is it!
In need of making some quick cash? This is it!

PLUS → It converts really well! » » see stats below « «

Drew is super easy to work with and pays lightning fast!

Where Can I Get My Links and Reports?

Where Can I Get My Links and Reports?

Once you are a ClickBank affiliate ==> Sing up here with us. Click Here
Log-in for all your landing page links and creatives:  Click Here
NOTE:  You must already be signed up as a ClickBank affiliate, then get your ClickBank affiliate links from our affiliates area. Just using the hop links from ClickBank will not give you the multiple landing page options we have set up for you.

Sign Up: Click Here
Log-in: Click here
Get your creatives here: Click Here
Once logged in you can grab links to various landing pages and products for both men and women.

Note: Stats on 1SC update each night at midnight.  But emails are real-time notifications of sales.


Yes! I’m Ready. How Do I Get Started?

Yes! I'm Ready. How Do I Get Started?

Read through and agree to our » » Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions « «

If you prefer the ClickBank affiliate platform
1.  Click here to join ClickBank « « (First you need signed up with ClickBank)
2.  Sign up with our system once you are a ClickBank affiliate ==> Click Here
Click here for your ClickBank links, sub-id's, emails and banners.

If you prefer the 1ShoppingCart affiliate platform
» » click here to join us on 1ShoppingCart « « (opens in a new page)
» » click here for your 1ShoppingCart emails and banners « « (opens in a new page)
» » click here to login to our 1ShoppingCart system


Welcome to Our New ClickBank Affiliate Program!



Now Introducing Our New ClickBank Affiliate Program!

Pheromones for Men & Women!

The Best News About Sex In Years!

In October 2014 ClickBank decided to start taking on physical product vendors. Pheromone Advantage is proud to be one of the very first physical product vendors to ever be approved on ClickBank.

Just to be clear, Pheromone Advantage is not a digital product!
We sell pheromone scented body ointments for both men and women. When customers purchase our products through our ClickBank affiliate program, affiliates will be paid by ClickBank and the customers will be shipped a physical product to their front doors.

Isn't that cool? We think so too, and now you can cash in on this PROVEN high conversion product using the trusted ClickBank eCommerce/affiliate platform.

Pheromone Advantage pays a whopping 40% (excellent for a physical product) with EPCs well over a dollar for nearly everyone who promotes it. Much higher than any competitor. 

Pick from several PROVEN landing pages. Don't let the old-school format fool ya. These landing pages convert, and have been field tested and perfected on cold traffic for years!

  • Mens formula (pheromones) to attract women (general / single) » » Click here « « (opens in a new page)
  • Mens formula (pheromones) to attract women (general / single) » » Click here « « (opens in a new page)
  • Mens formula (pheromones) to attract women (married) » » Click here « « (opens in a new page)
  • Womens formula (pheromones) to attract men (general / single) » » Click here « « (opens in a new page)
  • Womens formula (pheromones) to attract men (married) » » Click here « « (opens in a new page)
  • Womens formula (oxytocin) to inspire commitment in their relationship » » Click here « « (opens in a new page)
  • Gender split landing pages for mixed gender traffic » » 4 Variations = v1 v2 v3 v4 « « (opens in a new page)

→ Want custom landers? No problem! Use the contact form below to let us know what you need.

ClickBank Payouts
At ClickBank you have the option for weekly or bi-weekly pay and all the affiliate tools you need to track your campaigns - sub-id's included.

ClickBank Reporting
ClickBank’s reporting capabilities mean you can get detailed data about impressions, clicks, and sales for the various offers you are running. You can see how your links performed hour-by-hour during a given campaign, yielding valuable insight. Armed with this data, you’ll be able to fine-tune your campaigns to attain maximum conversions with our products.

Need custom landing pages? - No problem! Custom promotional material typically converts at a higher rate and we're happy to help you with that on an as-needed basis.  You just have to ask!

Mail our products to your list(s), post banners and articles for it on your site or drive your ad traffic - all of these forms of promotions are welcome! Let us know what you need and we'll have it ready for you quick as possible.

Bottom Line

We want for you to be wildly successful with this and we'll do everything we can to help you! Do you need custom creatives, copy, swipes, banners, etc.? No problem! Please email us at: or you can use the contact form below.

Take a minute to fill out the form below to register, and inside our affiliate resource center you can grab the links and promotional materials.

To Your Success,
Dr. Virgil A. Amend D.C.

Dr. Virgil A. Amend DC

Have questions? Click here to contact us.


Have questions? Click here to contact us.

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Affiliate Testimonials – col 1

Affiliate Testimonials

Chris "Mr. Moneyfingers" Haddad

Jan. 5 2015

I’ve always done very well pitching Drew’s stuff as well.

Richard Geller

Jan. 2 2015

We are just finished with a month of pheromone promos to our list, and we worked with Drew and he was GREAT (and still is :) )

I want to just say, if you haven’t promoted these to your list, you should. We did well with them, Drew paid really fast, and returns were ultra low.

Excellent conversions!

Affiliate Testimonials – col 2


Scot McKay

Jan. 2 2015

+1 for Pheromone Advantage and Drew. We did like $8K with it last year, by complete surprise.

Chris "Mr. Moneyfingers" Haddad

Sept. 24 2013

Hey guys,

Just a quick heads up that I mailed Drew Amend's pheromones offer last week and did pretty well with it. Ended up making about $9k on 2 mailings. The very best our men's list tends to do is about $18k and $9k is better than what we get with a lot of things we mail.

So I consider it a win.

If you want to try it out email drew at Drew @

He can only pay 40% commish (physical product) but the numbers still came out significantly over $1 a click for me.

Thanks to Susan for the heads up on the offer.

Chris "Mr. Moneyfingers" Haddad

affiliate conversion pics

Here Are Just A Few Affiliate Stats Screenshots

Average 6% conversion rate with an EPC range of $1.60 to $2.50 (these are stats from 1ShoppingCart):

6% Conversion!8% Conversion!5% Conversion!7% Conversion

laymen terms t&c

WANTED: Ethical Affiliates ONLY!

Please read through these terms. If you fully agree to abide by them click on the “OPEN THE REGISTRATION FORM” link above to open our affiliate registration form, fill it out and click the submit button.

Here are the basic rules in laymen terms:

As an affiliate of Pheromone Advantage (Dr Amend Direct LLC), when you promote our products, you MUST agree to abide by our terms and conditions as follows:

  • You MUST have 5 sales to 5 different people to receive your first payout - this is in addition to Clickbank's 5 sales requirement if you've previously met their requirement.
  • Under no circumstances are spyware, malware or adware promotions of our products allowed! »» Nothing that is “installed” on the prospect’s or user’s computer or hand-held device is allowed! « «
  • No negative promotions = ie. "is it a scam" - "is it a ripoff" - type promotions - this includes email subject lines, page titles / headings, and advertisement images / banners.
  • *Under no circumstances are trademark SEO, PPC or CPC promotions of our products allowed!
  • Under no circumstances use SPAM techniques to promote our products.
  • Absolutely NO EMAIL SPAM – emails lists MUST be Opt-in – no exceptions.
  • Absolutely NO Twitter Spam – use BEST PRACTICES when using Twitter to promote.
  • Absolutely NO Facebook Spam – use BEST PRACTICES when using Facebook to promote.
  • NO SPAM AT ALL in any Social Media, Social Networking, or Social Bookmarking Sites.
  • You will include Affiliate Disclaimers, as per the FTC Advertising Guidelines
  • Do not send JUNK, or UNQUALIFIED TRAFFIC to Pheromone Advantage (Dr Amend Direct LLC) product offers.
  • Be transparent and authentic – We will treat your visitors with massive respect and give them value during your launch campaigns/product promotions.

*Any violation of these rules can result in the termination of your affiliate relationship with Pheromone Advantage, including and not limited to forfeiture of any and all commissions. Moreover, we will cooperate fully with law enforcement in the event of fraud regarding marketing practices and or commission tampering.

* Trademark SEO, PPC or CPC promotions: The key to that sentence is “trademark“. In other words you can not target any of our brand names in your promotions. BUT you are certainly welcome to target appropriate key phrases/search queries – an example would be “how to attract women/men” or “reignite the passion”, etc.

Here are the detailed, fine-print, terms and conditions » » Click here « « opens in a new window.



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