How To Apply Pheromone Advantage

how to apply pheromones

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When and How Often to Apply:

Pheromone Advantage is intended for daily use. A single application of Pheromone Advantage should remain effective for at least 8 to 12 hours. It will wash off while swimming or bathing, and will need to reapplied to maintain it's effect.

Where to Apply:

As shown in the pictures above, Pheromone Advantage works best when applied to the exposed surfaces of skin such as the back of the neck and forearms. After applying to the skin, the remainder can be rubbed into the hair for greater effect.

How Much to Apply:

To apply pheromone advantage, simply dab a small amount onto the tips of your fingers. This product is highly concentrated and works in small amounts. You do not want to slather Pheromone Advantage on like lotion or sunscreen. Think of it more like a cologne or perfume, even though it's not scented. The application amount would be about the same. The amount that would be absorbed into the tip of a cotton swab should be sufficient. Over application is not recommended. In high concentrations pheromones can have an unpleasant odor to some people.

A few of the common Uses for pheromones at home, work or for going out:

  • Boost Sex Appeal and Attract the Opposite Sex
  • Spicing Up a Relationship or Marriage
  • Building Trust
  • Easing conversation
  • Boosting Self Confidence
  • Alpha Male Effect
  • Business Meetings
  • Gaining Charisma

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