Female Pheromones

Female Pheromones

female pheromones

Female Pheromones

This information on Female Pheromones that I’ve found will blow your mind!! Watch out ladies! Don’t believe me? Well, this secret kept by nature about attraction was discovered 24 years ago . . .

Ready for it? 


Pheromones give the wearer/producer the unfair advantage with the chemicals they secrete which influence the behavior or development of others of the same species. Often functioning as an attractant of the opposite sex, pheromones are secreted by organisms, including humans.

So you want to know how they work?

Both men and women produce the pheromones androstenone and androstenol, however, only women produce copulins.

It is great that you ask how they work. Pheromones are translated by the limbic system of the brain. They get to the limbic system via the Vemeronasal Organ, or VNO, which is just inside the nose. The VNO picks up on these chemical messages produced by the apocrine glands in the armpit and around the genitals. The Limbic system oversees our basic feelings; joy, anger, love, hate, and sexual arousal!

Why do I not smell them if humans produce them anyway?

Their signals get read loud and clear by the VNO and the limbic system but we are not consciously aware of other’s pheromones in a traditional sense where we “smell” them. They have a major impact on us though; they ignite our sex drive, increase fertility, and can help regulate women’ menstrual cycles.

They are produced naturally correct?

We try not to accentuate our sweatiness through the use of detergents, frequent bathing, layering clothing, antiperspirants, and so on. Ever wonder why firefighters are so hot? They sweat a lot with all the heat they have to deal with and therefore produce mass amounts of pheromones.

Since our pheromones come from the same glands as our sweat men and women tend to wash away, cover up, or prevent that which we’ve been producing for ages.

I do not want to be smelly and sweaty, what can I do?

Fear not girls! No woman likes to be caught in the “just left the gym” state of sweatiness and it is perfectly reasonable and understandable that no woman would dream of trying to attract a guy like that.

There is a solution. Many formulas on the market of synthesized pheromones which have been naturally produced and distilled to liquid form are perfect for discreet use. Some do put in scents though which I would not normally wear myself.

My favorite perfume shines though when I wear my favorite odorless formula Dr Amend's Pheromone Advantage for Women. Give these female pheromones a try, but be ready for an increase in flirtation, attraction, and maybe some physical contact if you allow it!

You are now in the know about what Mother Nature kept hidden under her bonnet for so long.

There you go Ladies! Go get ‘em!

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