Oxytocin is the Trust hormone!

Oxytocin is the Trust hormone!

Oxytocin has long been associated solely with pregnant women and childbirth, but I am here to tell you that it has a much more amazing connection to human relationships! Oxytocin is the Trust hormone! Oxytocin is involved in Social recognition and bonding and its effects are instantaneous and spread like a wave! By harnessing the power of trust, you may be able to improve your relationships and experience better career success as well.

Trust & Relationships

Trust is a key factor in any relationship be it personal, business, or pleasure, but what does trust really do for a person? Well, trust has many benefits, including increasing one’s ability to love. It definitely is not as simplistic a subject as the shortness of its spelling suggests. People ask for it all the time, but here is some more stuff you should know first before bestowing your trust upon others.

Oxytocin, previously only linked to childbirth and pregnancy, has recently been proven to have effects on people when it comes to increasing trust. It works by reducing fear through social bonding.

To avoid being too technical I will explain that oxytocin is produced and released in two ways:

*Oxytocin is created in the brain and released into the blood via the pituitary gland.
*Oxytocin is created by neurons and released into other parts of the brain and spinal cord.

Oxytocin is also released during elevated mood interactions, such as orgasm, in both sexes. Due to its involvement in social bonding and recognition it has been cited as being able to help those who suffer from social anxieties. It works to improve the formation of trust between people.

The affects of oxytocin are instantaneous and often felt by those all around the user/producer. The power of trust gained via oxytocin has been harnessed into several topical applications and is now sold online. You can improve relationships and help yourself experience better career success by capitalizing on its trust improving properties.

With all the positive findings regarding the oxytocin hormone and in spite of any euphoric feelings that are hormonally induced, good common sense and experience are still the deciding factors in whether a relationship lasts or not. Any wise person knows that enduring trust is earned and that it should never be abused.

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