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Our Unconscious Response To Pheromones

Our Unconscious Response To Pheromones

Smell plays a key role in mate selection

For a long time humans have been considered “microsmatic”, meaning that compared to other mammals our sense of smell is not as refined or acute. However, new evidence suggests that smell plays a key role in mate selection and other emotional responses related to the olfactory process.

It’s no surprise that people rely largely on visual and verbal stimulus regarding our social sexual interactions with other, especially at a distance. But as we get closer to other individuals our sense of smell plays a much greater role.

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Pheromone Advantage

Pheromones and Marriage

Re-Ignite the Passion

Re-Ignite the Passion

Pheromones are not just for singles looking to get more dates. More and more married couples are using pheromones to spice up their love lives at home.

Over 40 million Americans are trapped in a sexless marriages and or relationships. Ouch! I’ve repeated this stat several times in this site because sex starved people need to realize they are not alone. While singles are using pheromones to find relationships both long and short term, married couples are using pheromones in unprecedented numbers and many are finding tremendous success.

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Androstenol – The Icebreaker

Androstenol - The Icebreaker

The "Ice-Breaker" / "Pillow-Talk" Pheromone

You only get one chance to make a good first impression and if you want people to be interested in getting to know you better, making them feel comfortable and welcome is a must!

Androstenol has been proven in scientific studies to provide this level of comfort.

Androstenol has been called the ice breaker of human pheromones and can be an extremely effective tool when used on the dating scene and other social situations. It creates a friendly impression, and can make the person wearing it seem less intimidating and more approachable. It’s a conversation stimulator, and helps create feelings of empathy and romance.

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Androstenone vs. Androsterone





There can be a lot of confusion out there when it comes to researching pheromones. Often with as hard as the words are to spell they often get misspelled, for instance Androstenone and Androsterone. One letter and the results can be quite different. Let me clear up for you really quick the differences between Androstenone and Androsterone.

Androstenone – Androstenone is common in humans. This pheromone is found in both men and women, but is predominantly known of as a male pheromone. It typically allows the wearer to have an aura that is dominant, intimidating, or even aggressive. Pheromones containing this product are likely to assert an alpha male impression which helps you be the center of attention and be more noticed.

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» » Oxytocin Is Here! « «

Oxytocin is the Trust hormone!

Oxytocin is the Trust hormone!

Oxytocin has long been associated solely with pregnant women and childbirth, but I am here to tell you that it has a much more amazing connection to human relationships.

Oxytocin is the Trust hormone! Oxytocin is involved in Social recognition and bonding and its effects are instantaneous and spread like a wave! By harnessing the power of trust, you may be able to improve your relationships and experience better career success as well.

Trust is a key factor in any relationship be it personal, business, or pleasure, but what does trust really do for a person? Well, trust has many benefits, including increasing one’s ability to love. It definitely is not as simplistic a subject as the shortness of its spelling suggests. . .

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Attention Ladies – Our Pheromones Contain Copulins!

The Answer to Lonely Nights!

The Answer to Lonely Nights!

Today I would like to share with you some information about one of the key ingredients in our women’s formula: Copulins.

Copulins increase testosterone levels in men which in turn makes them feel more masculine. This increased feeling of masculinity will increase a man’s ability to approach women and get the desired results.

Copulins, as described by a very satisfied customer (see her testimonial below) said that wearing the Women’s Formula “just made his sex drive go BOOM! It was amazing how turned on he was!

Give our Woman’s Formula a try to get your man to really stand at attention when you enter the room!

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Female Pheromones

female pheromones

Female Pheromones

This information on Female Pheromones that I’ve found will blow your mind!! Watch out ladies! Don’t believe me? Well, this secret kept by nature about attraction was discovered 24 years ago . . .

Ready for it? 


Pheromones give the wearer/producer the unfair advantage with the chemicals they secrete which influence the behavior or development of others of the same species. Often functioning as an attractant of the opposite sex, pheromones are secreted by organisms, including humans.

So you want to know how they work?

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How Pheromones Work

Diagram of VNO Nerve Pathway

How Pheromones Work

Scientists have known for decades about an organ just inside the nasal cavity called the vomeronasal organ or VNO, and its sole function is to detect trace amounts of airborne chemicals called pheromones.

Researchers studying human pheromone response have focused on this tiny organ composed of two small pits a few centimeters inside the nasal passage.

Specialized nerve pathways now known as “Nerve O” lead from the VNO and run directly to the limbic region of the brain, bypassing the olfactory cortex.

These nerves were thought to remain dormant the majority of the time, but have now been confirmed to become active with a flood of measurable electrical impulses when subjected to specific human pheromones.

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How To Apply Pheromone Advantage

Pheromones for Men & Women!When and How Often to Apply:

Pheromone Advantage is intended for daily use. A single application of Pheromone Advantage should remain effective for at least 8 to 12 hours. It will wash off while swimming or bathing, and will need to reapplied to maintain it’s effect.

Where to Apply:

As shown in the pictures above, Pheromone Advantage works best when applied to the exposed surfaces of skin such as the back of the neck and forearms. After applying to the skin, the remainder can be rubbed into the hair for greater effect.

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Human Pheromones Are Bending the Laws of Attraction

laws of attraction

Human Pheromones Are Bending the Laws of Attraction

What drives one person into the arms of another?  According to human pheromone expert, Dr. Virgil Amend, dating and mating is highly influenced by pheromones, powerful air-borne chemical hormones produced by the body that fill the air around us to attract the opposite sex. Or, do they?

It has been long understood that nearly every species in the animal kingdom produce and sense pheromones, including humans.  You can’t see them or smell them, yet they can be powerful enough to instantly draw another person like a magnet.

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Pheromones and Attraction

Pheromones and Attraction

Pheromones and Attraction

Are people attracted to Pheromones?

Look no further for the secret to attracting the opposite sex! I am going to reveal to you the secret/magical "love potion" that grants you the power of attraction!


Pheromones have been around as a tool of evolution for millions of years, but we are just now discovering their many uses, including attraction! Almost all living things produce pheromones; insects, pigs, dogs, HUMANS! That’s right, even we produce pheromones. Our bodies naturally produce pheromones as chemical signals that give the producer the advantage to ensuring survival by attracting the opposite sex and making copulation easier. Pheromones are used to attract the opposite sex in all species.

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Pheromones Are Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret

Dr. Amend

Dr. Virgil Amend

I want to be completely frank with you; you are not alone in wanting to improve your love life.

Millions of people, just like you, are love-starved and have a burning desire to turn things around.  You and many like you, long for more dates, more sex, and real success with the opposite sex. If you feel any of these things are slightly beyond your grasp though, I can help.  Let me explain….

I am going to share with you something so simple and easy, but so outside of the box you may not have ever considered it before now. So, what is it you ask? What is the solution to feeling unappreciated? It's one of Mother Nature’s best kept secrets called pheromones. These clever little hormones are actually used by almost all living creatures to attract the opposite sex - including you and I.

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Pheromones Attract The Opposite Sex Almost Instantly

Pheromones attract the opposite sex

Pheromones Attract The Opposite Sex Almost Instantly

Our attraction to others may be about having the right chemistry after all. Throughout history, it has been a mystery why certain humans are attracted to each other. Scientific research has now concluded that dating and mating is highly influenced by pheromones, powerful chemicals produced by the body.

Pheromones are natural air-borne chemical hormones the body produces to attract the opposite sex. You can't see them or smell them, yet they can be powerful enough to instantly draw another person in. Dr. Virgil Amend explains in detail the discoveries that led to the development of an effective pheromone formula for men called “Pheromone Advantage”.

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Pheromones Fix A Sexless Marriage

Pheromones Fix A Sexless Marriage

Pheromones Fix A Sexless Marriage

Fix Your Sexless Marriage NOW!

A sexless marriage is one where there is no sex.

Not So!

The clinical definition of a sexless marriage is having sex less than ten times a year, which is simply not as much as there should be. It is of course impossible to absolutely define how much sex is right for any given couple. Some experts say that a sexless marriage is not just to be blamed on not having sex, but rather a mismatching of libidos. They estimate that one out of every three couples struggle with problems where there is low sexual desire in one/both partners and that a shocking twenty percent of married couples have sex less than ten times a year.

What does that mean for you? It means you are not alone!

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The Best News About Sex In Years!


The Best News About Sex In Years!

Are you serious about having an improved love life, more enjoyment, and increased satisfaction? If so, this will be the most important message you will ever read, and I'll explain why...

If you are like a lot of people who are frustrated with a lack of dates, not enough sex in your relationship, or the feeling that real success with the opposite sex is just slightly beyond your grasp, then we need to talk!

First, I must say you are not alone. Actually, millions of people just like you are feeling unappreciated and have a burning desire to turn things around.

You are about to discover something so simple, so easy to use, and so outside of the box you may have never even considered it until now! It's one of nature's secret weapons called pheromones . . .

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The Secrets on How To Approach Girls

The Secrets on How To Approach Girls

The Secrets on How To Approach Girls

Admit it boys, approaching women scares the hell out of you. It's okay to say so. No guy is immune to the fear of rejection from a woman. It does not make you less of a man to admit it.

There are two main schools of through regarding how to approach girls:

Approach 1: Pre-plan your opening and have an exit plan

This can potentially make things easier for you by knowing exactly what you want to say before you say it. Also having a well timed exit strategy is important . . .

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