Pheromones Are Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret

Pheromones Are Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret

Dr. Amend

Dr. Amend

Dear Friend,

I want to be completely frank with you; you are not alone in wanting to improve your love life.

Millions of people, just like you, are love-starved and have a burning desire to turn things around.  You and many like you, long for more dates, more sex, and real success with the opposite sex. If you feel any of these things are slightly beyond your grasp though, I can help.  Let me explain….

I am going to share with you something so simple and easy, but so outside of the box you may not have ever considered it before now. So, what is it you ask? What is the solution to feeling unappreciated? It's one of Mother Nature’s best kept secrets called Pheromones. These clever little hormones are actually used by almost all living creatures to attract the opposite sex - including you and I.

So, what are pheromones exactly?  I’m glad you asked!  Pheromones are natural airborne chemical hormones that our bodies emit to arouse the opposite sex and draw them in.  They basically work the same way for nearly every species, including humans.

To help put them in perspective, pheromones have been a tool of evolution for millions of years, and give nearly every species a surviving advantage by making sexual attraction and mating more instinctual.

Pheromones can arouse a person’s sexual passion by triggering the signals we are all programmed to feel. You cannot see or smell them, but they are powerful enough to attract a person with an almost animalistic desire.

The best news of all is that we are able to tap into the power of nature’s chemistry in a way that can give our love lives a new and most interesting twist.

Many people learning about pheromones for the first time often wonder why we haven’t heard more about pheromones until now.  The simple truth is that we have known about pheromones in other species since the late1800’s.  However, it wasn’t proven that humans produce and respond to pheromones until 1986 by the University of Pennsylvania and the Monell Chemical Senses Center, a nonprofit research institute in Philadelphia.  Since then we have seen a steady stream of research into this powerful phenomena, and we are uncovering new developments and advances every year.

For humans, pheromones are coming out onto our skin from our sweat glands, particularly around the underarms, nipples and groin.  However, our own pheromones are going largely unnoticed because of our very modern daily hygiene rituals.

The real problem today is that we wash away, cover up, distort, or hide our natural pheromones with frequent bathing, detergents, layers of clothing, antiperspirants, and so on.  Hence the need to supplement now exists.  By applying a topical pheromone formula to the exposed surfaces of skin, like the back of the neck and forearms, you can not only replace natural levels of pheromones, but raise them to the extent that they are giving our love lives a real boost.

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