The Secrets on How To Approach Girls

The Secrets on How To Approach Girls

The Secrets on How To Approach Girls

The Secrets on How To Approach Girls

Admit it boys, approaching women scares the hell out of you. It's okay to say so. No guy is immune to the fear of rejection from a woman. It does not make you less of a man to admit it.

There are two main schools of through regarding how to approach girls:

Approach 1: Pre-plan your opening and have an exit plan

This can potentially make things easier for you by knowing exactly what you want to say before you say it. Also having a well timed exit strategy is important. Have that escape route that can be taken if the conversation is not flowing well, something like "I'm just going to let you ponder that for a while." Knowing that you can bail out of the conversation safely will take a lot of pressure out of not knowing what to say next.

Approach 2: Just do! Don't Think!

This may seem like a crazy and over-simplistic method, but eventually, this is where you want to be with your confidence. Admit it, if you have to preplan in your brain every time you see a girl you want to approach you're going to be thinking about it while some other guy is doing it!

Either way you decide to handle your approach, take these four tips with you . . .

#1 Tip to Approach Girls: Game On!

The game starts the minute you come into view of the girl you want to approach. You should be properly dressed for the venue, even better than the other guys. You need to make sure your attire is sending her the right signals. Stand up straight, pull your shoulders back and push your chest forward. Looking confident and relaxed in your body language will help the available women who are secretly scouting out attractive men find you even easier.

#2 Tip to Approach Girls: Choose Wisely!

It is okay to be choosy. Is she alone? Is she with other guys or girls? Does she appear preoccupied? Does she look available? It won't always be easy because the attractive women usually are not by themselves, which makes the game a bit harder.

#3 Tip to Approach Girls: First Contact - Eyes!

While it might not always be possible, eye contact before the approach should always be attempted. Don't stare like a creep, but appear confident. A woman who maintains good eye contact with you for a few seconds or looks more than once in your direction is definitely displaying interest. (Unless you're the guy with the mustard stain on his shirt.)

#4 Tip to Approach Girls: Smile, at her!

You've made eye contact, don't look away quickly out of fear, smile at her. This will display confidence. If she smiles back, which she will if yours is genuine, then you know that she wants you to approach her, and soon. Don't be alarmed if she doesn't smile back, watch, subtlety, for her to look back at you a few moments later. If she does this, she is expecting you to approach her.

REMEMBER, WOMEN WILL NOT MAKE THE FIRST MOVE!! Women want you to make the first move!!

Once you finally make your approach, be yourself! Listen INTENTLY to what she has to say so that you can respond intelligently and actually keep the conversation flowing naturally.

Last suggestion: Don't take it too seriously. If you're comfortable, she will be too. Good Luck!

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